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    Graphic Design/2D Texture Art, photo manipulation, author, writer, retail sales, business management, website design, 3D modeler, ordained mystical philosopher
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March 30, 2010
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  • Lunius thanks user 'Wyllo' in the forum message ' FREE BOBB SATURDAY!'.
    2 weeks ago
  • Wyllo created a new topic ' FREE BOBB SATURDAY!' in the forum.
    3 weeks ago
  • Wyllo created a new topic ' St. Patrick's Day Painters Contest 2014 WINNERS!' in the forum.
    The contest and party were a hit! Some great entries and well deserved winnings.

    Here are your winners entries:
    (click the thumbnail to open the catalogue listing and view the item in 3D {no login required})

    FIRST PLACE: OG - OG StPattys Day Treehouse

    SECOND PLACE: Deviedna - St Patricks Hat yard decor

    THIRD PLACE: Char - ~AD~ St Pattys weave Hat

    All other participants received 100TT to use towards any NuVO Market item or their hobbies and crafting needs.

    See you all at next months event and contest!

    1 month ago
  • coolnet560 thanks user 'coolnet560' in the forum message ' St. Patrick's Day Painters Contest 2014'.
    2 months ago
  • Wyllo created a new topic ' St. Patrick's Day Painters Contest 2014' in the forum.
    This month is the St. Patrick's Day Painters Contest.

    Thank you to EzSilver and Deviedna for colaborating on this contest and event.


    Starting on March 1, 2014 get out your crayons and your imagination cap to paint up EzSilver's Saint Patrick's Day Yard Decoration.
    Click the image to view the product listing


    On March 8, 2014 we will shut down the entries and open up the polls on the NuVera website for everyone to vote for their favorite version of this item. All of the entries will be on display in Deviedna's public area, St Patrick's Day Event Room for the entire week starting on this date.


    The winning entries will receive the following;

    1ST Place: 500 NN, A first place trophy.
    2ND Place: 250 NN, A second place trophy.
    3RD Place: 100 NN, A third place trophy.

    All other entries will receive 100 TT to use towards NuVO Market items or their hobbies and crafting skill.


    On March 15, 2014, around 6 PM (18:00) EST, Deviedna and EzSilver will be co-hosting the event in their "St Patrick's Day Event Room" public area. Check the Event planner under Socialize in the client to find out times when the event will start.

    If you are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Koinup or any other social media link the following image or share from the NuVera Online accounts on those websites and link to this forum post with it.

    2 months ago
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    6 months ago
  • Wyllo created a new topic ' Client Version 1.5.7 - The B.O.B.B. Update' in the forum.
    The B.O.B.B. Update

    We’re are very excited to introduce the B.O.B.B.. Don’t know who or what B.O.B.B. is? Well it’s the Battery Operated Buoyancy Board of course! We worked very hard last week to get this great new vehicle out the door and we have to say we had a lot of fun designing, tweaking and testing this great new ride.


    The B.O.B.B., more simply put, is a hover board that allows for a smooth ride over bumpy terrain and even over water. For an extra dash of fun there are retro rockets attached for an awesome burst of speed. Simply left click while cruising around and you’re speed momentarily skyrockets up over 150 mph which makes it great for stunts and jumps. The retro rockets do require a couple of seconds to cool off before uses to avoid overheating and potential explosions.


    As with the NuVO Zip there are a variety of starter skins and we’ve also updated the editor to allow for custom paint jobs from our developers. If you’re a developer, be sure to check out the new texture maps for B.O.B.B. which can be used to create awesome new skins for the catalog.

    Life Time Membership

    Tired of paying a monthly fee? Well now there is a new Lifetime membership option available. Learn more in the Knowledge Base.

    Client 1.5.7 Release Notes


    - Introducing B.O.B.B., a new hover vehicle available for purchase at Sunset Motors in Sunset Isle. Ask Brad for more information.

    - Brad in Sunset Motors now has more speech options explaining the different vehicles.

    - Added additional B.O.B.B. skins to vehicle skin terminals in Sunset Motors

    - Terrain quality setting updated to have wider range for slider so that minimum value is lower than before to help improve performance in SI and TI.


    - Inventory items should show correctly when using inventory search

    - Fixed issue with some textures showing black or incorrect color from how they appeared in the editor.

    - Media URL in manage user public area interface can now be modified

    - Updating user public area info or clicking play in media manager will now correctly update and play media in user public areas.

    - Fixed issue with interface icons failing to load

    - Vehicle inventory icons should load faster now
    7 months ago
  • Wyllo created a new topic ' Client Version 1.5.5' in the forum.
    Client Version 1.5.5

    It's Monday which means we have another client update. We want to thank our users for giving us some great feedback and letting us know about what needs fixing and tweaking. This is mainly a fix release, but we also made a quick update to Sunset Isle.

    Fall In Sunset Isle
    It's that time of year and some of the trees in Sunset Isle have started changing color. We also added some great performance tweaks to Sunset Isle so it should run much smoother now.


    Release Notes


    - Fall is coming and some of the trees in Sunset Isle have started changing color

    - Sea gulls in Sunset Isle should make less noise

    - Various performance tweaks to Sunset Isle town area


    - Can now access clothing footwear/gloves inventory again

    - User created products marked as not visible, but with collision, now have their collision working correctly.

    - Inventory icons should now load faster

    - Should no longer receive the nudity warning when trying to enter a public area before entering in your home environment if wearing enough clothing.

    7 months ago
  • Wyllo created a new topic ' Client Update 1.5.4' in the forum.
    Client Version 1.5.4

    Last Friday we had a big release and we found a couple of issues we wanted to get patched up so we're releasing a new version today.

    This version is mainly a fix release, but we did add in one new helpful feature to the minimap.


    The minimap player icon now shows which direction your avatar is facing. This is a minor update, but this will be very helpful with our upcoming treasure hunting hobby. :)

    Release Notes


    - When in Tutorial Island or Sunset Isle player direction is now indicated on minimap

    - Various tutorials in Tutorial Island updated so that they're accurate to some of the interface changes we've made recently


    - Microphone and Mute Voice chat options removed from audio settings until voice chat returns

    - Server connection now properly closed when exiting client

    - Saved Media list in Media Manager no longer visibly cut off at bottom.

    - Fixed issue with item buttons/graphcs not loading correctly on newly added Destinations, Market and Inventory on some systems.
    7 months ago

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