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  • EmmaJean created a new topic ' Event theme planning' in the forum.
    I thought i would post here general information here. so the non facebookers would see and be in the know.

    the latest meeting minutes are here.

    I have all the meeting minutes, from the time i took over running the meetings. But here's the deal...

    I am not a Makena employee, I am not making this a job, I am not coordinating all the themes, nor am i deciding on them. I Volunteered to help the members create more activities by example, and by offering to help them get organised. so here how it works.

    First off, If any one is having a regularly scheduled event, whether its once a week or once a month, i put in on the calender i created. then if anyone (or any group) says i want to do this theme, it is added to the calender and usually discussed at the meetings. As group we brainstorm ideas, but I am not coordinating the themes, I ask for volunteers. some of the themes get a volunteer. It does not mean you create all the events or supply prizes, gifts, hosting gifts. although some people have done that it is not necessary or required. usually one big event is held, and several little ones, and as we discuss the theme in the meetings others volunteer to do what they can to help it along. Its all about how we can create more fun in There. If everyone that attended coordinated one theme a year we 'd be set! So let me know your ideas and if you'd like to coordinate a theme. Any theme and we'd be right there to help!
    54 minutes ago
  • Drain replied to the topic 'Just curious...' in the forum.
    I noticed a lot of reviewers lost a bunch of points and wondered about that. Strange.
    3 hours 21 minutes ago
  • tonisha created a new topic ' Just curious...' in the forum.
    I often review stuff while in There and my weight was 100. I didn't get to this past weekend as we were busy IRL with Easter and family so I log in today and suddenly my weight is 82??? I'm at a loss as to why or how this happened so I was curious if anyone else is having this issue. :huh:
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