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  • Odin is friends with SMZ Greenie
  • SMZ Greenie thanks user 'phluid13' in the forum message ' FTW Film Contest'.
    1 hours 25 minutes ago
  • SMZ Greenie thanks user 'blutec' in the forum message ' Camping around the World!'.
    1 hours 28 minutes ago
  • I'm really sorry to learn that you don't check these forums much EmmaJean. You've been a wonderful inspiration and your activities are full of fun and help.

    Unfortunately, there are a growing number of Thereians who do not use Facebook, for various reasons. This will mean that we have no idea of what you are planning and thus, miss out on good company and pleasant entertainment as well as a great opportunity to meet other members.

    Please reconsider posting updates here more often. Your input here goes beyond the activities.
    1 hours 29 minutes ago
  • gonna start the gym up again soon who wants to be my gym buddy ??
    2 hours 41 minutes ago
  • Atrusha is friends with Deleight
  • HighFlier is friends with Deleight
  • Deleight uploaded a new avatar
    11 hours 21 minutes ago
  • Anyone remember this Island Guide? He was a lovely guy Kicken. May he rest in peace.
    19 hours 21 minutes ago
  • Worst day of my life. I have never been in so much pain. I really hate doctors with no empathy, and what they do is just business for them.. I WASN'T EVEN NUMB ENOUGH FOR THEM TO BE PULLING OUT A DAMN TOOTH. Im usually so awesome when it comes to dental work, i take shots like a champ. But apparently its "ok" to be pulling out a tooth that has a infection in it... NOT... Then.. THEN he has the AUDACITY to only prescribe me Motrin to take afterwards.... as you can imagine my parents were furious and called the endodontist saying i was in so much pain... finally got some better pain killers.. After freaking out from the most traumatic experience of my life.... lucky I have people who love me. Thank you Dani Colors Xcal Cerulli Vanna Jordan Hope and Tommy Meyer <3
    21 hours 55 minutes ago

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