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  • OldAvie thanks user 'Thumdar' in the forum message ' I Love This Website and Our Community'.
    30 minutes ago
  • VoiZod replied to the topic 'Still Trying to get There to WORK' in the forum.
    One1 you asked what Mobo do I have ?

    My MoBo is a ASUS Sabertooth X79

    and as for Group policy I always thought all PCs from
    Windows Vista to Windows 7 automaticly had a group policy.
    Well then I guess I don't have a GP then, btw would happen to know
    One1 , how to get arid of a GP if I do find that I have one?
    The reason is while setting my internet connection I had some problems
    getting my DSL working with Century link ( my ISP ) Its fixed now, but
    there is a few ways to do the connection, I went through them all before
    talking with my ISP support. One of them was to set up a home group
    with a P/W etc. but that was abandoned cause it didn't work, I'm currently using a more or less open connection through my router modem w/ a nat firewall,no way to bypass that at all, but do not think it would be blocking There some how.

    -- The question is sense I made a home group and then abandoned it
    for a different connection setup, Could the home groups have created a GP on my PC?

    wonder if its the gfx card, These cards are highly appraised by gamers
    from reviews I have read, but also all the reviews are for the newer games but not for any of the older games.

    FACT: MS tried to kill off all 32bit stuff, nividia followed suit with taking out those files as well for their GFX card driver packages.
    ( I believe it was the 600 series gfx cards that was assigned to W8! )
    A very short time later when Windows 8 came out ,
    Nothing worked anymore no games would work or were uncompatible, people complained BIG TIME!
    So MS had to back peddle and put those files back in with Windows 8.1
    The questions are,
    1. Did nividia do the same?
    and if so, Did nividia also put back in the files 'THEY' took out?
    If so then What Driver package has those files in it?

    2. I have W7, What Windows updates ( if any ) would those files MS
    removed before, be put back in with the updates?

    3. Windows also has sent me a Driver for my gfx cards,
    I have not installed it. (not sure if it runs parallel to my current nividia
    driver or not.) But they could contain those files MS took out,
    Though I have no real easy way to find that out either.

    I also tried runnning There Not in admin mode, instant crash.

    The farthest I have gotten is, compatibility mode for Windows server 2003
    run as admin. I got the There client window to come up with a White background this time! But Crashed like 2 seconds later again. :(

    I changed the icon to; C:\Makena\There\ThereClient\There.exe -U -l
    but there was another url that also worked in the past but can't remember it,
    atm. did not work .

    I have kept There installed to the C drive btw. and TY much for explaining
    the data program folder etc. One1, you learn something new every day ;)

    35 minutes ago
  • Thumdar replied to the topic 'I Love This Website and Our Community' in the forum.
    Oh well.., I tried.
    1 hours 5 minutes ago
  • Thumdar created a new topic ' I Love This Website' in the forum.
    Hey everybody.., just wanted to say thank you for your time being a part of our community.

    Because we have this opportunity to enjoy the amazing world of There, we find ourselves a part of the community we comprise. It's pretty cool.

    We should all do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (including MW!)!!

    Also, we should thank our lucky stars for being here and being able to appreciate what we have. After all.., it's certainly not about what we don't have. And.., let's not forget our fallen brothers and sisters. I miss you, Dakota.

    I hope to be able to work on this site soon 'cus I think it might need a tweak here and there. Uhm.., yeah.


    There's been a lot about drama lately (scrunching down a little bit) and I must say:

    There would be no drama without There.

    There. I said it.
    There should be no mistake.

    Let's all pick our butts up and find a way to make There a bigger and better place. Maybe more residents?? Some new pigs ~ .., I mean cats. We have dogs, right? Right.., ok.

    Pigs. I mean cats!
    I'd prefer cool little piggies.

    Hope all is well enough with all you all and again, thanks for being here and trying to have fun.

    :cheese: .

  • cindy83 thanks user 'toufovou' in the forum message ' Ideas to improve in-world experience'.
  • cindy83 thanks user 'toufovou' in the forum message ' Ideas to improve in-world experience'.
  • cindy83 thanks user 'Soede' in the forum message ' Question: Is this a bad idea?'.

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