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  • Wyllo created a new topic ' Net Neutrality Being Threatened by FCC' in the forum.
    I shared a video a while back that was a spoof on the Net Neutrality issue, not sure if I posted it here or not but I remember Thumdar and I chatting about it a while back. It may be a spoof but the point of it was serious. Many people blew it off but guess what? It is happening now. We also discussed a few years ago on NuVO, about the issues in Australia where they attempted something similar with 'adult' sites.

    Here is the video I shared:

    LEAKED: The Internet Must Go

    So what does it mean? Net Neutrality is a term that has come about to indicate "free" internet. Free as in we can currently browse any website we choose to go to, regardless of whether it is a small start up or a national or international company. What is being proposed by the ISP (internet service providers such as Verizon, AT&T, TimeWarner Cable, Comcast, etc), however, means that small businesses, those small websites you enjoy, blogs, upcoming start up websites and so much more, would have to either come up with hundreds of thousands of dollars to 'buy' connections so that their website can be seen, or never have their website seen. It is essentially the same thing as paying for cable but for the internet.

    Websites from over seas would have to pay access rights so that you can view them and you would have to pay additional premiums to have access to over seas websites. It means websites like Walmart, Disney, and other high level websites would do just fine as they have the money to spend on such privileges but sites like Etsy, your favorite blog, your favorite fan site, all those wiki's you go to for information, even Wikipedia (which is by donations only), and yes, NuVera Online and Thumdar would be at risk and may have to shut down since no one will see them anyway. That is, unless they can suddenly get the funds to pay all these premiums to the ISPs to allow their website access to the people using their services. It means new start ups will not be seen unless they have huge pockets full of money to pay these ISPs so that their websites can be seen. Essentially, it means small businesses and start ups will no longer be feasible. It means your relatives over seas would have to pay additional premiums to view your photos and blogs, etc, online and vice versa. It means you are paying twice for the same service since you are already paying a premium just to have internet access, now they want to charge you extra to actually use it as the base package will limit what you can browse.

    In short, it allows ISPs to charge companies for access to its users and charge users for access to certain websites and services. This is just like the Pay-Per-View system on cable and satellite television.

    Here is what the FCC is proposing:

    FCC Will Seek Input on Latest Net Neutrality Proposal

    Here it is straight from the White House. A petition against the FCC changing the open internet has been responded to by the White house but apparently things have changed since this petition as the issue is being brought up again:

    Restore Net Neutrality - Directing FCC Classify Internet Providers as Common Carriers

    Here is a new Petition to keep the internet neutral. SIGN IT!:

    Save Net Neutrality

    There are more petitions, just do a search online for Net Neutrality Petition and sign the one you feel works best for you. We need to band together and stop this now. Apparently 100 000 signatures was not enough. We need 500 000 to really make an impact but 1 000 000 would be even a louder voice.

    If you want to read more articles type in Net Neutrality in your preferred search engine. This has been going on for a few years now and part of the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) has to do with this. THIS is what I have been saying for some time and now we only have a few short weeks left to do anything about it.

    We only have until May 14, 2014 to make our voices heard on this matter. Sign this or other petitions in place. Let the FCC know that we do NOT want to pay high premiums to visit the websites WE want to frequent. There should not be a restriction on the internet.
    3 hours 15 minutes ago
  • I am a media studies student at a major University and I am looking for some more participants to complete this online virtual world survey for my senior project. The survey is positive and beneficial to the community. There are a total of 25 ques ...
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  • Orielle replied to the topic 'Is anyone else having trouble logging onto' in the forum.
    maverickfred wrote:
    im haveing this problem whith there and the im carnt log in or log in and get this on the im .
    HTTP connection to port 52311 failed: (null) (for /login/avatarlogin?avdoid=0&avname=maverickfred&password=********&loginoverride=0&noinstantiate=1&clientname=ThereIM&clientversion=im-2.0.9240r00) for authDoid 1, host, service "login", command "avatarlogin", query "avdoid=0&avname=maverickfred&password=********&loginoverride=0&noinstantiate=1&clientname=ThereIM&clientversion=im-2.0.9240r00"

    After installing ThereIM, you will need to tweak it a little before it can contact the new cluster

    Locate the desktop shortcut which launches ThereIM
    RIGHT-click on the icon and select 'Properties' from the popup menu
    Locate 'Target' edit box on the properties dialog
    Change the "-a xx.xx.xx.xx" part of the target to:

    (Note: that -l is a lower-case 'L', not a 'one' nor an 'i')

    Close the properties dialog, and you should be able to log in to with ThereIM

    Putting that another way, if you installed ThereIM to the default location (c:/Makena/ThereIM), then your 'Target' property should look like this when you're done:

    Target: C:\Makena\ThereIM\ThereIM.exe -l
    19 hours 29 minutes ago
  • hi guys.

    HTTP connection to port 52311 failed: (null) (for /login/avatarlogin?avdoid=0&avname=maverickfred&password=********&loginoverride=0&noinstantiate=1&clientname=ThereIM&clientversion=im-2.0.9240r00) for authDoid 1, host, service "login", command "avatarlogin", query "avdoid=0&avname=maverickfred&password=********&loginoverride=0&noinstantiate=1&clientname=ThereIM&clientversion=im-2.0.9240r00"
    20 hours 25 minutes ago

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