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  • chuchu thanks user 'Thumdar' in the forum message ' Legacy hello'.
    7 hours 38 minutes ago
  • VoiZod replied to the topic 'Client Issue' in the forum.
    This to me sounds very much like what MS did to Skype!
    You would click on the skype icon to start it and then your immediately
    logged back out or skype just crashes.

    I wonder if the corrupt viral like Cloud control code that MS, somehow sent through to disable all older skype versions is now going through the whole
    world internet basicaly doing the same thing, Think of this code as if it were
    The Borg! ( Theres no such thing as being too paranoid online )
    asp.if MS is involved.

    Sorry not tying to scare you or anyone with this, weather if it has anything to do in relation to your problem yourhaving with There, IDK
    but it sure smells of it to me anyway. & I do hope I'm wrong.
  • VoiZod replied to the topic 'Still Trying to get There to WORK' in the forum.
    I like to add;

    In the past I have had all sorts of problems with the GFX cards
    I got on my PC's I have gone through the worse case scenarios as well
    with them.

    You can install GFX card drivers in 4 different ways
    1. clean install
    2. Just click on the new driver installer exe ( install over the top of old one )
    3. through the Device manager
    4. Through a GFX card automatic updater app ( Nividia is the only co. that
    now has this as a choice to download, ) I disabled my AUTO updater damon that came with my GFX card pre installed!
    The reason whyI removed it , is because It needed to have its own
    USER Account on MY PC to run! Sorry not going to happen! By using
    the auto update damon app, as a Trojan at any time Nividia could walk right in onto my PC and do what ever they wanted! IMO Nividia should have been put out of bussiness for doing this...

    ...And same goes for MS for totaly destroying the WOLRDS
    main communication device program call Skype! It has effected the whole world very badly, cause now no one can easily communicate anymore online. Talk about violating the 1st amendment plus the world. Programs
    that are vital and almost everyone uses it In the world should be protected like our national parks are for 1 example. Even if someone
    OWNS IT, They cannot do anything to it that will sabbatoge it in anyway
    or if they do, they will not be a in bussiness anymore and a few prisons will have a few added inmates! ( I'm talking software here )

    sry got off topic sort of. :/

  • Thumdar replied to the topic 'I Love This Website and Our Community' in the forum.
    Oh well.., I tried.
  • peter7 thanks user 'Thumdar' in the forum message ' I Love This Website and Our Community'.
    2 days ago
  • Thumdar created a new topic ' I Love This Website' in the forum.
    Hey everybody.., just wanted to say thank you for your time being a part of our community.

    Because we have this opportunity to enjoy the amazing world of There, we find ourselves a part of the community we comprise. It's pretty cool.

    We should all do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (including MW!)!!

    Also, we should thank our lucky stars for being here and being able to appreciate what we have. After all.., it's certainly not about what we don't have. And.., let's not forget our fallen brothers and sisters. I miss you, Dakota.

    I hope to be able to work on this site soon 'cus I think it might need a tweak here and there. Uhm.., yeah.


    There's been a lot about drama lately (scrunching down a little bit) and I must say:

    There would be no drama without There.

    There. I said it.
    There should be no mistake.

    Let's all pick our butts up and find a way to make There a bigger and better place. Maybe more residents?? Some new pigs ~ .., I mean cats. We have dogs, right? Right.., ok.

    Pigs. I mean cats!
    I'd prefer cool little piggies.

    Hope all is well enough with all you all and again, thanks for being here and trying to have fun.

    :cheese: .

    3 days ago
  • cindy83 thanks user 'toufovou' in the forum message ' Ideas to improve in-world experience'.
    3 days ago

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