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  • tablatronix replied to the topic 'website is invisible' in the forum.
    some gantry load-transition BS
    god this theme is bloated.
    2 hours 38 minutes ago
  • tablatronix created a new topic ' website is invisible' in the forum.
    For some reason the entire content here is invisible to me in chrome.


    The entire main div is set to invisible.
    I have to modify this to see it.

    Did something change ? Some transition to load the page in is not working properly perhaps.
    2 hours 45 minutes ago
  • Samsyn replied to the topic '182GBs of Hard Drive space?!' in the forum.
    There are two kinds of log files you can delete. The first is the normal log file


    It starts out new each time you launch the client and grows as things are logged.

    If you run the program long enough, however, that this primary log exceeds 1GB in length, it is closed and renamed, and a new There.log is started. If you leave the client running for days and days, you can generate quite a few of these even under normal circumstances.

    These renamed spillover logs are never deleted automatically, and you are always free to delete them at any time.

    The MYSTERY is just why some people seem to generate much more log than others. Presumably there is some innocent action in the code that just logs a lot more than it needs to. Unfortunately, to determine if this is the case, we need to see the log in question (and it doesn't seem to happen for us). But since by definition such logs are a gigabyte in size, we are not prepared to receive any such file for analysis :-)

    So we're waiting for some nerdy type with the proper tools to let us know what the noisy logging is, if any...

    The spillover logs will have names like:


    and again, delete 'em when you see 'em, and if you're a nerd who notices you can generate a gigabyte of log in less than an hour, and you have tools suitable for grepping huge files, feel free to look for suspiciously repetitive logging and let us know about it, thanks!
    16 hours 24 minutes ago
  • FloggingMolly thanks user 'michaelwilson' in the forum message ' 182GBs of Hard Drive space?!'.
    20 hours 31 minutes ago
  • FloggingMolly created a new topic ' 182GBs of Hard Drive space?!' in the forum.
    Is there a reason why my Mackena folder would be 182GBs of space after being in world for 2 months? Seems a bit illogical. I have 225 GBs of space on my laptop, and having to reinstall the game every month simply because my folder gets too big seems a bit ridiculous tbqh.
  • Thumdar replied to the topic ' added to CloudFlare' in the forum.
    Sorry you're having issues, Rock. I'm thinking it's database related. I just now optimized it and it's loading great on all browsers (for me). I need to setup a cronjob to optimize the database daily I just haven't found the right tutorial yet.

    You might also make sure your browsers cache is empty.
    RockmanD wrote:
    Big problems here with pages loading on Chrome, no problems at all on IE.
    The top and bottom banner loads ok but all I can see in between is the background pattern. The links are there but can't be seen, if I move my cursor around the screen slowly it will show as a hand and the link title will show in a small box.
    I have to reload every page for it to show apart from the home page, that one loads fine and yes it loads a lot quicker!
    I had no problems at all before the change.

    3 days ago
  • skelatore replied to the topic 'Bring back free to play' in the forum.
    Hi that will never happen we may not agree with how things are run but at the end of the day its a business and he has to do what he thinks is good for his business
    3 days ago
  • 4eveready created a new topic ' Bring back free to play' in the forum.
    For the love of God There is too thin. It needs members again. This $10 a month is going to turn away any new members. Shoot most games out now are turning to a Free-to-Play model. I say bring back Free-to-Play.

    I know there are going to be people that are going to say that There has to make money or will shut down again, but there will make money!

    Instead of requiring that we all have to pay $10 a month for nothing, why not create different levels of premium members. Here's the key though, you don't buy premium memberships. Premium memberships are given out based on how many TB you buy in world.

    Here's what I mean.

    Anyone that spends over $10 a month in There by buying TB, is granted Bronze level Premium membership. To retain that level they would have to spend at least $10 every month there after. Bronze would be the premium membership we have now. No extra's!

    Silver Premium membership would go to those that buy at least $25 a month buying TB. To retain that level they would have to spend at least $25 a month there after. Silver members would get an extra 10,000T given as allowance per month as long as they maintain the Silver membership.

    Gold Premium membership would go out to those who buy at least $50 in TB a month. To retain that level they would have to continue spending at least $50 a month there after. Gold memberships would get an extra 20,000T given as an allowance per month as long as the would continue to spend that amount ever month there after.

    Of course showing what membership level each person is on their profile would be a must. That would only prompt other members to reach gold membership levels. Other perks for silver and gold could be used too.
    4 days ago

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