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  • Wildbilly replied to the topic 'Maybe I'm asking too much, but..' in the forum.
    First off, welcome back to what I call my dream world.

    As you can see, no one responded to your post. I will, even though! All my post seem to go to closed minds. I understand your excitement and feel your frustration.

    Since the reopen its been a real let down. The sheer fact, my community of Zephyr with real human beings. Was destroyed!

    Its as if their lives were snuffed out. Our community of Zephyr was tuned into a graveyard. The area was taken over by GOVT. control. This one act caused hundreds of members to leave and never wish to comeback.

    The fact, our community of Zephyr! The people who loved There. These players or members had friends. If our community lacked reason for a return. Then those who don't return would cause their friends and spectators not to return as well. Its a domino effect.

    My sheer will was to open my wallet and pay a huge amount of cash to make the dream of Zephyr return. Folks, I am talking a major amount of cash. That would shock you. Lots of zero's! But in all my attempts to contact There GOVT.. I never received one response to my many many emails.

    So here were are Brandyn. What can we do?

    Our dream world of There is the best every virtual world by far. It is a real shame that its not populated by millions.

    P.S. The community of Zephy is not the only community that was destroyed!
    There are others and which caused a population domino effect of members not to return. You have no idea the numbers of people not to return due to communities being destroyed.

    6 hours 33 minutes ago
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  • Riot_Girl_1 replied to the topic 'There Summer Games Host Post!' in the forum.
    Opening ceremonies are August 8th @ 6pm PST/ 9pm EST
    Games will run from August 9 to August 17th @ midnight PST/ 3am EST
    Closing ceremonies are August 17th @ noon PST/ 3pm EST
  • MmeOdileC replied to the topic 'Can't Stop Emails from THERE' in the forum.
    Thank you so very much! This is awesome to know...
    Have a wonderful day,
  • MmeOdileC thanks user 'Orielle' in the forum message ' Can't Stop Emails from THERE'.
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  • MmeOdileC created a new topic ' Can't Stop Emails from THERE' in the forum.
    :x-notworkin :
    Hi Guys :hi1:
    Well here is my problem :tumbleweed:
    I no longer use THERE or any other 3d I cannot log into THERE to remove myself from groups which send me email :blahblah:
    So what do I do? :sos:
    Also :munchies:
    PS...If you see this and have a group and see my name in the group, will you please remove me from it :nea:
    Thank you so much! :x-thankyou:
    You guys are awesome! :x-yourock:
    From a former Therian who will always :x: :there-small
    2 days ago
  • Brandyn created a new topic ' Maybe I'm asking too much, but..' in the forum.
    Some of you might remember me. I'm Brandyn_1 in most games.. started it all for me. During the age of 13 back in 2006, I joined I played with my friend from school on There. I only played for the Summer and got board. For the next year or 2 every summer I would join back and explore the would and meet new people. I was just so amazed by this new world I had found and explored. In 2009 I became home schooled, and a full time player of There. I met friends, friends that I will never forget. I had so many memories of exploring neighborhoods, going to BABS events, trying to become an Island Guide, trying to become something within There. Well, when the announcement of There's closing I felt my own world closing in on me. Probably just like everyone else. There was my happiness, It was my social life. Other friends and I explored other virtual worlds and landed in SL. We started getting into the Second 'Life', but it just didn't work for me. I then invested my whole time into Real Life Plus, as we all know.. RLP has disappeared from sight. But then! There came back.. But with a few conditions... You had to be 18 or older. It made me upset to think my home was coming back, but I was not allowed to type in my username and password and log into There. Even though, I still did log in, and break the rules.. I eventually realized there was no point to ruin my chances to enjoy this wonderful world.
    I am now 18, and have logged in on a few FTWs. I log in on a Saturday night and Sunday night. Each night I have only a few friends online.. I go to what was once so full with people that it wouldn't let you in the zone. Well, those are now empty. I've looked on here from time to time and I see there is now World Chat and the 'Happening Now' event button now has active events going, but.. Those events aren't full. They may have 2 people in them. Most are quests, and i don't know about you.. But I can't complete a quest to save my life. When There started back up, it pulled so many people in. It had a crowd.. Maybe not as big, but bigger than it has now.
    Michael Wilson, this is in no means to offend you, or the staff of There, or the community of There. Michael you are keeping these peoples dreams going. You are giving them happiness and that is something that can't always be repaid. I think the majority of the returning members all realize why There was shut down in the first place. It wasn't realistic to keep There going, to keep it alive, you have expressed that time and time again.
    Whenever I have gone onto There since it has returned.. It does seem 'dead'. I know I'm not the first to point this out and I won't be the last. But, is there anything being done to get this community back to where it was? Flooded with fun, exploding with adventures.. That's how I remember There. I remember finding all these cool places I had never been. Going on these tours that took me somewhere I thought no one had ever been. Why can't we get this community back to where it was, but keep the revenue? To me.. I just feel this game has had no updates (besides DX9) to me. Not that makes me just jumping up and down with excitement. I just wonder.. Why is there no new islands, hair pieces, website designs, or any advertisement besides the Facebook page? I just can't honestly wrap my head around how this 'New There' is going to keep making profit as the years go by..
    I could be too judgmental on this subject. I haven't ever run a company, I never have tried to run and create a virtual world.. I just don't physically see how There could be doing well now or in the upcoming months or years. There is built to be able to be installed and played on even the slowest computer, but.. people with the slowest computer, me for instance, can't afford $10 a month, as well to spend money on tbux's to enjoy the game or at least try to enjoy the game. Why not different membership plans?

    I don't mean to stir the pot or start trouble. I guess, I just don't understand somethings about There's return. Please don't bite off my head!
    -Thanks, Brandyn_1
    2 days ago

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