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  • Orielle replied to the topic 'Is anyone else having trouble logging onto' in the forum.
    maverickfred wrote:
    im haveing this problem whith there and the im carnt log in or log in and get this on the im .
    HTTP connection to port 52311 failed: (null) (for /login/avatarlogin?avdoid=0&avname=maverickfred&password=********&loginoverride=0&noinstantiate=1&clientname=ThereIM&clientversion=im-2.0.9240r00) for authDoid 1, host, service "login", command "avatarlogin", query "avdoid=0&avname=maverickfred&password=********&loginoverride=0&noinstantiate=1&clientname=ThereIM&clientversion=im-2.0.9240r00"

    After installing ThereIM, you will need to tweak it a little before it can contact the new cluster

    Locate the desktop shortcut which launches ThereIM
    RIGHT-click on the icon and select 'Properties' from the popup menu
    Locate 'Target' edit box on the properties dialog
    Change the "-a xx.xx.xx.xx" part of the target to:

    (Note: that -l is a lower-case 'L', not a 'one' nor an 'i')

    Close the properties dialog, and you should be able to log in to with ThereIM

    Putting that another way, if you installed ThereIM to the default location (c:/Makena/ThereIM), then your 'Target' property should look like this when you're done:

    Target: C:\Makena\ThereIM\ThereIM.exe -l
    2 hours 50 minutes ago
  • hi guys.

    HTTP connection to port 52311 failed: (null) (for /login/avatarlogin?avdoid=0&avname=maverickfred&password=********&loginoverride=0&noinstantiate=1&clientname=ThereIM&clientversion=im-2.0.9240r00) for authDoid 1, host, service "login", command "avatarlogin", query "avdoid=0&avname=maverickfred&password=********&loginoverride=0&noinstantiate=1&clientname=ThereIM&clientversion=im-2.0.9240r00"
    3 hours 46 minutes ago
  • coolnet560 thanks user 'EmmaJean' in the forum message ' Event theme planning'.
    10 hours 29 minutes ago
  • Second and last week of Follow Freya! Choose your adventure, finish before April 30th midnight GMT.

    Do you like to challenge yourself? Try the GPSD track by buggy :gamer:
    Fastest time will win T$ 2,500!

    Feeling creative? Do any of the adventures and let Tyr inspire you to take a nice screenshot of your avie somewhere on Tyr. :hi1:
    Best picture wins T$ 2,500!

    Just want to have a chance to win some T$? Finish one of the adventures, and you'll have a chance to win T$ 1,000 - T$6,000 (last prize will raise to 8,500 if you've also sent in a screenshot). B-)

    Don't care for T$? You'll have till April 30th midnight GMT to finish an adventure :bee:

    Visit The Paddock for details and start of the adventures:

    Have fun & Enjoy being There!

    Ways to send a screenshot:
    Facebook (message/post):
    Theremail: include a link of your picture you've uploaded somewhere

    blutec wrote:
    Follow Freya Adventures
    From April 15th till April 30th (midnight GMT)
    Prizes: T$ 1,000 (3x), T$ 2,500 (2x), T$ 6,000/8,500 (1x)

    Choose your adventure (or do both!):
    * Follow Freya Egg-hunt (picture quest criss cross Tyr)
    * Follow Freya GPSD track (tour or race mode, trails along all the nesthouse neighborhoods)

    > To qualify for the prizes: finish at least one of the Follow Freya adventures.
    > No hurries, you'll have till April 30th (midnight GMT).
    > Check the Red Clue Box in The Paddock for details:


    Enjoy being There!
    Join Go_Cone!

    12 hours 47 minutes ago
  • EmmaJean created a new topic ' Event theme planning' in the forum.
    I thought i would post here general information here. so the non facebookers would see and be in the know.

    the latest meeting minutes are here.

    I have all the meeting minutes, from the time i took over running the meetings. But here's the deal...

    I am not a Makena employee, I am not making this a job, I am not coordinating all the themes, nor am i deciding on them. I Volunteered to help the members create more activities by example, and by offering to help them get organised. so here how it works.

    First off, If any one is having a regularly scheduled event, whether its once a week or once a month, i put in on the calender i created. then if anyone (or any group) says i want to do this theme, it is added to the calender and usually discussed at the meetings. As group we brainstorm ideas, but I am not coordinating the themes, I ask for volunteers. some of the themes get a volunteer. It does not mean you create all the events or supply prizes, gifts, hosting gifts. although some people have done that it is not necessary or required. usually one big event is held, and several little ones, and as we discuss the theme in the meetings others volunteer to do what they can to help it along. Its all about how we can create more fun in There. If everyone that attended coordinated one theme a year we 'd be set! So let me know your ideas and if you'd like to coordinate a theme. Any theme and we'd be right there to help!
    14 hours 33 minutes ago
  • Drain replied to the topic 'Just curious...' in the forum.
    I noticed a lot of reviewers lost a bunch of points and wondered about that. Strange.
    17 hours ago

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