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  • Designers Island is for all designers that want to drop a paz and show your designs. A lot of times our designs get lost in the auctions pages. For instance I brought something out that I made over a year ago. A friend said where did you get that ? I told him that I made that a long time ago and thats my point lets get out art work out there. Several of us designers talked it over and Designers Island is what we came up with. This sat you mr designer can get in on the ground floor for the first official Designers Island. Runs all day sat bring a paz 100 Drop Max. Once again this is not for garage sales designs only that you have created and are in auctions including models ,clothing and buggys . If your not a designer come browse around and see what you have been missing.

    See you there

    1 hours 57 minutes ago
  • circuit_rider shared a photo in circuit_rider's Photos album
    Hope to see you there and links to the location will be provided tomorrow night.

    2 hours 16 minutes ago
  • "But its one big empty world filled with the same old players who tend to be hanging around in the same spots talking to the same people and not being overly friendly to newcomers or people they dont know well."

    Well said. I wasn't on Zona 2 minutes and I was being insulted for no reason. Sadly it was the only place I could find where there were people. :(
    11 hours 13 minutes ago
  • racesmart replied to the topic 'Guide to setting up a neighborhood lot' in the forum.
    That link works for me 4everready in mutltiple browers (Chrome, IE, etc). Not sure why it's not working for you...
    But you do need to join the neighborhood group, after you find a hood you want to live in, so the hood owner should be able to help you with any questions!

    Maybe try the link from here:
    As I said, the link works fine for me!
    23 hours 8 minutes ago
  • what is the trick 2 getting my hood back that i had at the close
    xxfreddyxx i got it back YAY
    20 hours 34 minutes ago
  • cindy83 thanks user 'Brandyn' in the forum message ' What happened to RLP?'.
  • cindy83 thanks user 'Wildbilly' in the forum message ' Maybe I'm asking too much, but..'.
  • cindy83 thanks user 'Brandyn' in the forum message ' Maybe I'm asking too much, but..'.
  • Wildbilly replied to the topic 'Maybe I'm asking too much, but..' in the forum.
    First off, welcome back to what I call my dream world.

    As you can see, no one responded to your post. I will, even though! All my post seem to go to closed minds. I understand your excitement and feel your frustration.

    Since the reopen its been a real let down. The sheer fact, my community of Zephyr with real human beings. Was destroyed!

    Its as if their lives were snuffed out. Our community of Zephyr was tuned into a graveyard. The area was taken over by GOVT. control. This one act caused hundreds of members to leave and never wish to comeback.

    The fact, our community of Zephyr! The people who loved There. These players or members had friends. If our community lacked reason for a return. Then those who don't return would cause their friends and spectators not to return as well. Its a domino effect.

    My sheer will was to open my wallet and pay a huge amount of cash to make the dream of Zephyr return. Folks, I am talking a major amount of cash. That would shock you. Lots of zero's! But in all my attempts to contact There GOVT.. I never received one response to my many many emails.

    So here were are Brandyn. What can we do?

    Our dream world of There is the best every virtual world by far. It is a real shame that its not populated by millions.

    P.S. The community of Zephy is not the only community that was destroyed!
    There are others and which caused a population domino effect of members not to return. You have no idea the numbers of people not to return due to communities being destroyed.

    2 days ago
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