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  • 0ne1 replied to the topic '32GB of RAM and Out Of Memory...' in the forum.
    Dreadfully, I uninstalled There. Then I downloaded the full installer, and reinstalled it.

    It works now...
    3 hours ago
  • 0ne1 created a new topic ' 32GB of RAM and Out Of Memory...' in the forum.
    I haven't signed on There for a while, but I still pay for it for some reason. Today I was bored and thought I would sign on, so I do, and I am asked to update. The auto update / download kicks in, and finishes. Then I am met with this "Out of Memory" error...


    The latest update seems to have broken my There installation. Every time I try to run There, I get this message now, so I can't play. Do I feel like re-installing? Not at all... I think my super computer and I are retiring from There, I don't know.
    3 hours 21 minutes ago
  • Samsyn created a new topic ' "Cannot change Zone Entry Permissions"' in the forum.
    HI, it was brought to our attention today that a member's neighborhood did not offer them the opportunity to alter their 'zone entry permissions', giving an error message along the lines of "You cannot change Entry Permissions while an event is in progress" when no event appears to be in progress.

    Looking at the code, I can't see any particular explanation why this would have just started happening, so I thought I should ask if the hive mind is already aware of this. it seems to be true for 'all zones'

    Actually what it LOOKS like is that error message defaults to ON and is only turned OFF if the zone HAS had events (or has some scheduled for the future) but none right now.

    Somehow I doubt that would have gone un-noticed this long though.

    So, anyway, something is weird there, and if you have any historical memory about it, we'd love to hear it.

    In any case, we'll fix it as soon as we can.

    Thanks again!
    10 hours 17 minutes ago
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  • Zaydenx uploaded a new avatar
  • Thanks :blush:

    BTW: you can use GPSD in combination with bboy's Quickbar (it has a buit-in button and action commands for it). Install GPSD after bboy's Universal Installer (GPSD won't overwrite any newer compass files), and you'll have There's Compass, Bedican hack, Myrmex GPS and GPSD :)

    (you won't have to leave the client to install GPSD -just make sure the compass is closed- and it comes with an unistaller as well)
  • Carpenter thanks user 'Samsyn' in the forum message ' Opening Collada model files in previewer.'.
  • EmmaJean replied to the topic 'Who Flooded SeaSide Cove? Quest' in the forum.
    I am also looking forward to this special quest!!
  • EmmaJean thanks user 'Jayess1' in the forum message ' Who Flooded SeaSide Cove? Quest'.

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