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  • Thumdar thanks user 'Orielle' in the forum message ' New Payment option coming for!'.
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  • Orielle created a new topic ' New Payment option coming for!' in the forum.
    The latestest blog post from Michael Wilson can be found here.

    As you know, unlike the “old” There, we no long process credit cards ourselves, but instead use PayPal as our payment processor. We do this because by accepting, or “vaulting”, credit cards, we need to be what’s known as “PCI Compliant“.

    Not only did this take considerable manpower, it was also expensive, as we had to pay external organizations to “verify” that we were PCI compliant.

    Given all the expense and hassle, it made much more sense for us to use a payment processor like PayPal to handle credit cards for us. Among other things, PayPal (at the time) was one of the few processors who handled subscriptions, and is the only processor which handles micropayments.

    Though most people can handle PayPal just fine (after all, they do serve millions of customers quite successfully), some people either can’t use PayPal, or, for their own reasons, don’t want to.

    Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ll soon be adding Stripe as a payment option for subscriptions and Therebucks purchases.

    (We won’t be supporting Stripe for “Real Money Purchases” of developer items. The reason for this is that Stripe doesn’t support “micropayments” – charging a much smaller fee for small purchases than they normally would. We could use Stripe for this, but their fees (which are typical for the industry) would eat up almost all of the purchase price).

    We hope you’re as excited about this as we are, and will be letting you know as we get closer to release.


    40 minutes ago
  • Orielle replied to the topic 'Guide to setting up a neighborhood lot' in the forum.
    He means the links to the PDF files. Those haven't worked at all in new There.

    Setting Up and Decorating Your Lot

    Please read the remainder of our helpful Neighborhood Lot Set-Up Manual to get started. The Lot Manual provides information on decorating and managing your Lot.

    If you have any questions about neighborhood lots feel free to ask here.
    44 minutes ago
  • I am always friendly and the reason I log in is to meet people of all ages who also enjoy having fun in THERE. It is sad but I know the experience you describe when just a friendly hello is met with insults and ridicule BUT you have to put that totally on "THEM" and continue on until you do meet those who are welcoming.
    2 hours 15 minutes ago
  • Designers Island is for all designers that want to drop a paz and show your designs. A lot of times our designs get lost in the auctions pages. For instance I brought something out that I made over a year ago. A friend said where did you get that ? I told him that I made that a long time ago and thats my point lets get out art work out there. Several of us designers talked it over and Designers Island is what we came up with. This sat you mr designer can get in on the ground floor for the first official Designers Island. Runs all day sat bring a paz 100 Drop Max. Once again this is not for garage sales designs only that you have created and are in auctions including models ,clothing and buggys . If your not a designer come browse around and see what you have been missing.

    See you there

    10 hours 24 minutes ago
  • circuit_rider shared a photo in circuit_rider's Photos album
    Hope to see you there and links to the location will be provided tomorrow night.

    10 hours 43 minutes ago
  • what is the trick 2 getting my hood back that i had at the close
    xxfreddyxx i got it back YAY
  • cindy83 thanks user 'Brandyn' in the forum message ' What happened to RLP?'.

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